Returning From Vacation: Emergency Cleaning
It’s vacation time, which is great. And then there’s returning from a vacation, which often isn’t so great. Kids have written on the walls, or teenagers had a party, and pets? Well, they’ve done what they do best when you’re gone:  become incontinent in every room of your house.

I have experienced all of these fails. And spent hours and hours trying to fix the mess, crying into my soap bucket until the wee hours of the morning, wondering how tired I’d be when I got up for work in the morning. All the calming effects of a vacation — gone.

The latest Armageddon included:

  • Pet sitter failing to walk the dogs for 36 hours (with expected results)
  • Overturned and ripped up garbage in every room (coffee grounds on sofa– excellent)
  • Rain through the ceiling because the air conditioner had frozen due to teens setting it too low

I’d had enough. But every carpet cleaner in the region was busy. I know this because I called them. I had a proposal due at work, and I was about to lose a client for the company because I had to clean my house before everyone got dysentery.

That’s when I had an epiphany: why not call The Maids of Concord, NC?

Did they have rug shampooing technology? They did! Their Whitaker system has a specific treatment for animal urine. Upholstery technology? Yes!!! Could they get the smell out of the wood floors, too? They could.

Now the BIG QUESTION: Could they come the same day?

They not only could they, but they DID. I was apologetic at the door, but they waved away my concerns, and promptly and professionally scrubbed every last disaster away while I worked. Within two hours, the house looked and smelled fresh, and my job and sanity were still intact.

If you ever need an emergency clean, forget the carpet people. Call the Maids of Concord, NC and let them treat the problem holistically. Alternatively, consider doing what I’m doing next month when I go away: scheduling a clean NOW for my final day of vacation, so I can walk through the door, knowing my house looks as beautiful as I left it.