22-Step Healthy Touch System

Let us make your home clean and healthy with our signature 22-Step Healthy Touch System.

22-Step Healthy Touch System
At The Maids of Concord, we believe a clean home is a healthy home! Our 22-Step Healthy Touch System was created to provide your family with the healthiest, cleanest living environment possible, and it combines healthy cleaning supplies with strict attention to detail to provide results you can be proud of.

Here is a brief glimpse into what our 22-Step Healthy Touch System involves:

  • In the kitchen, we disinfect and clean the sink, wipe down and clean appliance exteriors, clean and disinfect the range top, damp wipe all cabinet doors, clean and disinfect the counters, and hand wash the floors. We also clear away any dirty dishes and load the dishwasher.
  • In the bathroom, we clean the sinks and counters, change the towels, clean and disinfect the shower and the toilet, and clean and polish the mirrors. We use special, gentle brushes designed to effectively clean grout and eliminate mold.
  • In all other rooms, we pick up and straighten, dust window sills and ledges, dust/vacuum furniture, vacuum any stairs, vacuum under all beds, and change bed linens.

Our 22-Step Healthy Touch System focuses on areas that are generally ignored to provide a home that is clean from top to bottom.

We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our signature cleaning processes and why you should let us be the ones to clean your home. Contact us at The Maids today for more information about our cleaning services and to schedule your first cleaning appointment!